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Network Guard

When monitoring is not enough... get proactive



Your corporate network always under control

To meet the need to monitor your IT services we have created a ready-to-use product dedicated to small & medium business.

The Network Guard aims to proactively monitor any Ipv4 object or Ipv6 talking through SNMP protocol.
We have certainly not revolutionized the world but only carried out our profession of System Integrator: we have tried to respond to the need to create quickly and easily a monitoring service for your business by identifying a suitable hardware with pre-installed Open Source software.

Everything is ready, we just need power and we can start the configuration.
However, we started from a fundamental concept: the controller cannot depend on the controlled. That’s why we chose to provide you with everything, including the complete software.

A dedicated hardware ready to use

Monitoring, reporting, configurations

  • Linux Based Operating System
  • Control and access to the appliance via HTTP/HTTPS Web Interface or via CLI in
  • Proactive monitoring
    • SNMP, Agent, ICMP
    • Hardware and software inventory
    • Mail, SMS, Jabber alarms on a user-based basis
    • Maps with different display levels of networked objects
    • Ability to monitor switches, routers, firewalls, servers, UPS, access-points: each
      object that supports the SNMP protocol of any brand or vendor
  • Performance analysis
    • Graphs with performance analysis such as bandwidth occupancy, CPU usage, usage disks, number of connections, etc…
    • Sending of weekly reports
  • Automatic backup of configurations
    • Scheduled saving of network equipment configurations
    • Versioning of the changes with possibility to visualize the differences
    • Support for any equipment with Telnet/SSH access
  • Syslog server
    • Log saving with weekly/monthly automatic rotation
    • Possibility of re-forwarding logs to other logging systems
    • Visualization via Web Browser with advanced search

Additional Services

To offer you a complete solution it is possible to combine the purchase of our system of
Monitoring with the following services:



We will find together the most suitable solution for your business

Monitoring, reporting and configurations with our Network Guard

  • Installation and configuration of monitoring systems
  • Service and maintenance services, consulting
  • Integration with your IT systems (Network, Security, Server)
  • We offer a proprietary product ready to use

Our Other Services

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