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image001From years, we take care of wifi network infrastructures because we think that they could give an added value in production, administration and commercial areas.

Here, there are some WiFi examples for your business that we have implemented and developed during the years. They are all  granting services with a single wireless infrastructure, that, if properly integrated in your enterprise network, could be exploited in different fields like:image002

    • Wireless networks with authentication of 802.1x domain for your personal, to govern in a flexible way the network access and cover reunion rooms, open space
    • Access for your guests (clients, consultants, providers) through web authentication or captive portal and use of temporary users
    • More services for industrial productions:
      • Access for barcode players via wireless
      • Connectivity for industrial machines or factory
      • Wireless connection for M2Minteraction
      • WiFi networks for LGV carts integrated in storage automatic services, in order to promote industrial automation
      • Access to network of sensors, Scada network, RS232 convertors to IP
      • Access to Industrial orIoT networks
      • Management of charge/discharge goods through wireless services


  • Creation of access points for VoIP telephony via WiFi
  • Creation of hotspot networks for browsing of your public with Marketing data collection
  • Carriage of your wireless networks for teleworking from home through encrypted tunnel to protect data
  • Integration of video/audio services via WiFi for conference rooms

This can be done with a single infrastructure, maintaining unaltered business security and optimizing your investments.


  • Design and installation of wireless networks
  • Hardware and software sale and WiFi material
  • Assistance and maintenance services, spare parts, consulting and troubleshooting
  • Site-survey and coverage on-site or through RF simulation


  • Cisco Systems Inc, HP, Fortinet, Aruba


Cisco wifi infrastructure Turin

HP wifi infrastructure Turin

Fortinet wifi infrastructure Turin

Aruba wifi infrastructure Turin