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image001Information technology has a central role in strategic areas of modern enterprises. The reason is simple, data or documents (projects, contacts, communications) are already completely available and stored in bit. Many times, hard copy doesn’t exist.

Which strategic points need to be safe in every enterprise? From where is possible to undergo attacks that could create risks for your data and their integrity?

Here there are some examples of protection or adjustment of strategic areas that needed to be safe in your business. The analysis and the experience in areas that have to be protect is the end point of many years of works, near world vendors that provide IT security solutions.

  • Access to data and network
    • Adjustment of internal access to data through flows control, applications
    • Security and flexibility for access from outside via VPN technology (SSL o IPSec) integrated with Active Directory systems via LDAP
    • Two-Factor Authentication for VPN access via Token (SMS/APP/EMAIL)
    • VPN access via client or web in HTML
    • IDS/IPS analysis to exposed server for public or Scada network
  • Traffic segregation and sizing
    • Adjustment on user base, device or address through integration with Microsoft Active Directory and with Single Sign On mechanism
    • Networks split through VLAN/Routing
    • Mechanisms of restriction orQoSin order to manage yourWAN
  • Data protection from Crypto Locker or Ransomwareimage002
    • Antispam integration systems, Firewall and Threat Emulation for emulation, on virtual environment, of all attached mail or download carried out in your organization
    • Emulation in Microsoft Windows environment and Office
    • Integration with antivirus on PC/Mobile for emulation of executed files
    • Protection fromZeroday threats like malware or virus
  • Traffic adjustment to Internet via web filter systemsand application control
  • Secure connections with your partner or your remote headquarters through VPN IPSec technology
  • Regulated access for your guests (customers, consultant, providers) via web authentication or captive portal and utilization of temporary users
  • Securing of your wireless networks and Industrial through 802.1x authentication
  • Antispam protection of your e-mail (mail server Exchange, Zimbra)
  • File analysis and history of traffic


  • Design and installation of IT security infrastructures (firewall, sandbox, antispam)image004
  • Hardware and software sale, Cisco products, Fortinet, Sonic Wall, Checkpoint e NodEset 32
  • Assistance and maintenance services, spare parts, consulting and troubleshooting
  • Security assessment and consulting in PCI certifications area


  • Cisco Systems Inc, Fortinet firewall (Bronze Partner), Sonic Wall, Checkpoint