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The silhouette of the evening electricity transmission pylonCLIENT DESCRIPTION

The customer, market leader in energetic services in Europe and Russia, is an integrated operator present in industrial utilities market with a complete offer services. It is able to operate in a vast territorial basin, both directly with its subsidiaries and through its network group.


The principal client exigencies, was the needs of a network and security infrastructure able to guarantee a service with continuity, even in case of principal CED lost.

In detail, customer demands a solution able to ensure:image001

  • Continue availability of network service and“business continuity”;
  • High reliability for systems and dorsal;
  • Band enlargement on connection between Core installation at 10Gb;
  • VLAN-stretching infrastructure, virtual server dual-site;
  • Level 2 in each Headquarters;
  • Substitution of currently access installations and distribution;
  • Implementation of an infrastructure able to ensure service continuity even in case of serious breakdown (flooding, fire), to primary CED through secondary CED (in a different geographical place);
  • Migration plan with minimal malfunction for user


The project aim is to create an infrastructure able to satisfy client requests through a simple and scalable architecture, with the scope of guarantee the network exigencies of the client for the next 10 years.


The system realization allows to obtain the following goals:

  • Integration with the existent infrastructureimage002
  • Soundness and simplification of the system
  • Investment protection for the next 10 years
  • Enlargement,redundancy
  • System management simplified
  • Split between data users network and data storage
  • Use of technology at10Gbps
  • Implementation of monitoring pro-active system

image003Connect gave its added value designing the solution, following installation and migration phase and now managing system maintenance and the possible future evolutions.


The adoption of an infrastructure allowed to:

  • Increase IT system performances
  • Reducing of user calls to the team that follows the IT area
  • Easier implementation of new services
  • More speed and efficiency for identifying and solving problems
  • More security due to logic separation in the infrastructure
  • Customer satisfaction